These three words describe who we are as your legal counsel and where our commitment stands concerning your business interests. 

A Personal Approach

If you run a business, there are times when you know you need an attorney.

At Plager Schack LLP we want to work with you to find the perfect solution to all of your legal issues and help you to avoid future pitfalls. That is why, with every client, we take a hands-on personal approach when providing any type of representation. Our legal team will sit down with you, one-on-one, to get to know your business and answer any questions you may have. Our attorneys gather all the facts and information they can before devising any legal strategies. We are with you every step of the way as we guide you in the realm of business law, protecting you and your business at every turn.

From the day you retain our services, you become our most important client. Our practice specializes in all the various facets of business law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, business transactions, real estate, insurance, and more. We work with businesses of all sizes–from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500’s–and provide the type of professional experience you need to sustain growth, succeed in your industry, and protect yourself from legal obstacles that could impair your business growth.

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Intellectual Property

In today’s market of fast-moving media, you need the right legal representation to protect your work and provide security against theft.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate issues - licensing, insurance, duties - can cost your business if mishandled. Trust our legal experts to help you do what is best.

Commercial Holdings

Plager Schack LLP provides protection and well-rounded perspective for your business assets and your goals.


Our practice can protect your intellectual property with strong, well-timed litigation services in a court of law.