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Toby and Sagebrush Exchange as seen in Times Square!

Toby and Sagebrush Exchange as seen in Times Square!


Join host, Toby Evans, as she educates, entertains and enlightens her audience in


Toby Evans

This highly anticipated podumentary (podcast + documentary) series premiered exclusively on Sagebrush+ in December 2019.

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Are You Part of the Soul-Bridge to Guide Them Home?

Have you considered that your loved ones, friends, ancestors or strangers who have died may still be here, awaiting your assistance to guide them home?

Dead, But Not Gone: Are You Part of the Soul-Bridge to Guide Them Home? is a remarkable accumulation of true-to-life stories, techniques and principles surrounding a topic which previously would have been relegated as purely paranormal. Toby Evans takes the subject of disembodied spirits to the next chapter of their existence, dispelling many false ideas about death. She shows the reader how exactly she and others have tackled the issue, making something that seemed esoteric and possibly only the domain of shamans and medicine men, into something that anyone can learn. This is a five-star read—a book which belongs on the top shelf of self-help and spiritual texts.

~ Réal Laplaine, author of high-concept thrillers,



It's as if we all have 'cold cases' stored in the basement boxes of our deep unconscious, waiting for something in our daily lives to spark the need for an investigation, prompting us to gather the clues of our own unsolved soul mysteries.

~ Dead, But Not Gone

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Akashic Record Consultations

A reading and healing session in one. Guidance from the Soul's perspective providing clarity regarding your purpose and life lessons. 

Life Between Lives Regressions

An extension of a Past Life regression and an evolution beyond it as you explore the world between lives that is your true home.

Past Life Regressions

Viewing the 'past' from your Multi-dimensional awareness helps you understand current life choices and brings resolution.

Soul Crossing

Assisting individuals with energy attachments or earthbound aspects to cross over to the 'World of Light.'

Experience the

Labyrinths are 5D SELF towers providing uninterrupted service to Higher Self awareness, helping us reestablish our sovereign connection to Source.

~ Dead, But Not Gone




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The Prairie Labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth is a simple whole-body prayer, reacquainting you with the presence and power that lies within.

the Chakra Labyrinth

The 7 pathways of the Prairie Labyrinth combine with the 7 Chakras to create a profound self-reflective tool to balance your energy body.

Chante Ishta

A  9-petal vesica star walking path with the ‘single-eye’ focus of helping you return to your heart.

The Art Line

Envisioned as a line of walkable, interactive, outdoor artworks stretching across the heart of America on the 39th Latitude.